Long Time Since Yesterday

Topics: Movement director, Suicide, Love Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: October 4, 2011
Theater 176

Long Time Since Yesterday

Long Time Since Yesterday was a play by PJ Gibson and directed by Joy Vandervort-Cobb. This was very different from the first play that we were required to see. Outrage was more appealing in an intellectual way and Long Time Since Yesterday deals more with the social end. Although I enjoyed both plays, Long Time Since Yesterday was more entertaining to me. I thought that everything from the cast to the set to the plot in general was very well organized and enjoyable. This play was something that I could relate to more and could also relate to a real life situation in life. The plot was not unrealistic but I would say it was somewhat extreme.

Personally I can not relate directly to this play but I do have friends that have a life similar to those of these women. The play starts as two little girls having normal kids talk about grown people things. Then unfortunately the five friends are reunited due to the death of Janeen who had committed suicide. We are all under the impression that all these women have a gone off to college and are now exchanging stories and becoming reacquainted with each other. As the play goes on tempers start to flare between Panzi and Lavy. Panzi is extremely upset due to the fact that Janeen left the keys to Lavy and this makes Panzi very jelous and angry.

Long Tim Since Yesterday is a serious play but Babbs serves as the comic relief due to her drunkeness which increases throughout the play. All these girls have different characteristics which adds different aspects to the play. Babbs is still in love with her ex-husband and tries to drink her problems away. Alisa Myers is all the time talking about sex and Thelma is constantly analyzing everything.

Lavy is internally investigating this whole situation because things to do not add up. Secretly Panzi and Janeen had a “secret” relationship with each other but Panzi more so took advantage of Janeen. Janeen was still a child...
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