Long Ridge Gliding Club Case Study

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Long Ridge Gliding Club
Long Ridge Gliding Club is a not profit organization which is run by its members. Currently the club has around 150 members who range for novice to the experts. The clubs also offers trial flights to the member of the public and then try to convince them to take up membership. The members have to help each other to get airborne. They also have to help the staff with attending to the casual flyers. Throughout the whole year the essential tasks such as the maintaining the gliders, getting them out of the hangars, towing them to the launch points, staffing the winches, keeping the flying log, bringing back the gliders and providing look out cover is taken on a voluntary basis by the club members. At times when the weather is not good the members may not get a flight at all. Due to the bad weather the members do not get enough flying time. The club chairman is therefore under pressure to stop trial flights though they provide the club with revenue to finance its operations.

Q1) Evaluate the service to the club members and casual flyers by completing a table? Ans: The services that Long Ridge Gliding Club offers to the club members and casual flyers are mentioned in the table below:

| Club Members | Casual Flyers|
Products| Membership| Trial Flight|
Customers| Accessibility Location| General public Experience| Product range| Long duration| Short duration varies Reliability | Design Changes| None| Quality of service|
Delivery | Drinks, food, accommodation and flying facilities | Only flying facilities| Quality| Skill| Safety|
Volume per service type| 150| 700|
Profit Margins| High| Low|

Q2) Chart the five performance objectives to show the differing expectations of club members and casual flyers and compare these with the actual service delivered. Ans: Cost: The cost incurred is always an important aspect for any organization. It is same in case of Long Ridge Gliding Club also. The member's...
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