Lonely Planet Mission Statement

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Gold Team Travel Agency Project
Working for Lonely Planet©

Lonely Planet Mission Statement
Life is an adventure from the moment we're born, and here at Lonely Planet we believe adventures should never stop. As a global travel company, our adventure is helping travelers get the most out of their journeys. And it's not just about books. It's about websites, TV and mobile products too. We value creativity, innovation and integrity and we're not afraid to challenge ourselves and others. If you're interested in the adventure as much as the destination then check out Lonely Planet's employment opportunities. The Goal: You will be part of a team. Each team member has specific jobs to do. You will pick a country from an area of the world and create a brochure, tri-board, and an oral presentation that keeps with the mission statement of Lonely Planet. They value getting the most out of a trip and adventure!

Grading: Each student in the group will choose a role within the group. Grades are mostly individual. Each student is graded on the parts of the assignment they are responsible for. If a student does not do his or her job it WILL NOT affect the grades of the other students. It may mean the group does not win the job placement without a complete project, but grades are individual according to the chart on the back of this page.

Team Position: Artist 1, Artist 2, Writer 1, Writer 2
Responsibilities/Checklist PUT YOUR INITIALS OR NAME ON EVERYTHING YOU DO | Artist 1_____________| Artist 2______________| Writer 1_______________| Writer 2_______________| POSTER| Flag2 postcards coin Currency1 Adventure Image for the boardOne place of interestCitations | Map2 postcardsBill Currency1 Adventure Image for the boardOne place of interestCitations| 2 days of itinerary3 Common GreetingsCitations| 2 days of itinerary3 common GreetingsCitations| BROCHURE * | Help to design the brochure| Climate paragraph2 days of...
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