London, Washington, New York

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What is London? We can say that it is one of the largest cities and ports in the world, that it is one of the most important world`s business. Industrial and cultural centres and that it is the capital of Great Britain. But this answers don`t give a full idea of London. London is the oldest city in the country. It is 2500 years old. The London underground is the longest in Europe. The population of London is over 7 million people. As London is a very old city most of its streets are not very wide and most of the buildings are not tall, but multistory buildings have also appeared in London and almost all of them are hotels and offices. One of the tallest buildings in London is the Post Office Tower which is a Telecommunication Centre as well. Although London is a noisy and crowded city You can find green squares, gardens and parks there. The largest and the most popular park is Hyde park – a favourite place for many people on hot summer days. The City of London is one of the most important commercial centres of the world. The City has its own government and its own police. There are banks, the Stock Exchange, the Lloyd`s buildings and many offices of international companies. There are places of interest in the City too among which is the London Tower and the beautiful Tower Bridge. The most pleasant part of London is the West End, entertainment and shopping centre. It is famous for its shops, expensive hotels, restaurants, museums and cathedrals, monuments. Only rich people live there. Westminster, the political centre of Great Britain is in the West End too. For many centuries the East End, the industrial part of London, with its port, docks and factories was the least pleasant part of London. The houses there were poor, the streets were narrow and dirty, it was a home of working-class people. Now the east End has changed. The old docks closed between the 1960s and the 1980s. In 1991 Canada Tower, London`s tallest building,...
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