London Shard

Topics: Skyscraper, Renzo Piano, Eiffel Tower Pages: 4 (1583 words) Published: November 11, 2012
The Shard

The dictionary defines it as “a broken piece of a brittle artifact” and we call it a mind-blowing architectural masterpiece, the new monumental signature of London, the conception of a genius, delicately crafted and poetically christened, The Shard. Sky scrapers are known to be the symbol of modern city for a few centuries and The London Shard - known to be the tallest building in Western Europe stands proudly at 310 meters tall with 95 floors of city life i.e. shops, offices, restaurants, hotels and apartments and a public viewing platform all compacted in one structure. Being a Londoner the trip to the Shard did not excite me much as it was a part of my everyday travel. But this visit gave me the chance to look at it at depth. Coming closer to it I felt belittled by this structure that I ignored. It made me wonder in awe what it felt like to be a part of this mega structure. A very interesting part of the Shard, as observed from our field trip visit, is the tower’s attachment to the London Bridge Train and Bus Stations, which as a result, the stations have been radically refurbished to attain their aesthetic touchstone. We also gathered that the cost of refurbishment of the stations was borne by the Shard. “This is my vision: I foresee the London Bridge Quarter as a vertical city for thousands of people to work in and enjoy, for hundreds of thousands more to commute to from all over the region, and for millions to take to their hearts” – Renzo Piano. However when making a closer observation it has been observed that the situation of the building is in an awkward position even though it is an architecture master piece, It does not suit in its position as it is surrounded by old buildings, terrace houses and old road side shops with very traditional coffee shops , book shops. London is well known for its heritage sites and the antique looks but unfortunately the London shard spoils the consistence that the city had. There are mixed peoples...
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