London Riots Coursework

Topics: London, City of London, Riot Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: September 26, 2012
London Riots

Between 6 and 10 August 2011, several London boroughs and districts of cities and towns across England suffered widespread rioting, looting and arson. Following a peaceful march on 6 August 2011 in relation to the police response to the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan by Metropolitan Police Service on 4 August 2011, a riot began in Tottenham, North London. In those following days, rioting spread to several London boroughs and districts and eventually to some other areas of England, with the most severe disturbances outside London occurring in Bristol and cities in the Midlands and North West of England. Related localised outbreaks also occurred in many smaller towns and cities in England. Police action was blamed for the initial riot, and the subsequent police reaction was criticised as being neither appropriate nor sufficiently effective. The riots have generated significant ongoing debate among political, social and academic figures about the causes and context in which they happened. Around 3100 people had been arrested, of who more than 1100 had appeared in court. As of 25 August the BBC report that more than 2,000 people have been arrested connected with the disorder in London. I think the 2011 London riots had a context which none of the public understood I’m certain most of the rioters/looters/arsonist’s didn’t know why they were rioting, looting and causing huge fires they found the opportunity to steal from their own country showing London’s youths true colours in which they showed they don’t care about their community they’re willing to destroy their country for fun and their own needs without realising their parents and family who are working will pay for repairs with tax. The government said that they’d put 30,000 police officers on the streets of London and other cities which the riots were taking place. Many of the people condemning the riots are people who do, in fact, live in these areas and understand the composition of the...
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