London Riots

Topics: War, Looting, Theft Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: March 15, 2012
London Riots

“On the 7th of August 2011, the town of Tottenham had been terrorised, as overnight riots called for; buildings and cars to be burnt, shops to be looted and petrol bombs thrown at police” It is very difficult to understand how such unnecessary violence can be approved on.

One of my main reasons for saying this is that during a protest demanding “justice” over the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan, an outbreak of looting and violence began. This resulted in eight police officers having to be treated in hospital. Also forcing shops and businesses around the area to close early as the fear of violence spreads.

In addition London was affected by widespread looting, arson, and violence, as riots begin to spread throughout England. Over 560 people were arrested and more than 100 charged. The riots where uncoordinated and many had makeshift weapons such as metal bars and baseball bats. In Tottenham it is believed that riots began due to unemployment and poverty, although such violence of unprecedented levels resulted on many rioters arrested. Also, as more and more copy cat activities began such as looting and arson attacks. A huge demand on emergency services, especially the police, was needed. As a result of this police were unable to control the violence and contend with the hundreds of youths. However there where very few attempts by the police to try and stop the looters. As police officers concentrated most of their efforts in regaining territory.

Likewise the prospect of looting occurs in most riots, a lot like the riots that occurred in the 1980s. Due to the unemployment in areas looters have no career to think about, which can encourage some awful things. Moreover, many network services such as Blackberry Messenger, was used by looters to organise their activities. As was Facebook and Twitter as some people had the intension to begin more riots. In South London riots had caused serious fires. As well as this rioters where attacking...
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