London Biscuits Competitor Analysis

Topics: Southeast Asia, Asia, Singapore Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: September 26, 2011
London Biscuits Berhad Group is a home grown Malaysian company, listed on Main Board of Bursa Malaysia. Its main business idea comprises on manufacturing, marketing and sales cakes and snack food which score high in terms of product safety and quality (London Biscuits Berhad, 2011). According to London Biscuits Berhad (2011), it have own 12 factory premises linked with production, warehouse and office facilities, with 600 persons of employees. Those facilities are strategically located in Johor and Selangor major industrial areas which are Pasir Gudang and Ulu Tiram in the southern state of Johor and Telok Panglima Garang and Seri Kembangan in the central state of Selangor(London Biscuits Berhad, 2011), those are set up near the Pasir Gudang and Klang port for easy transport. According to London Biscuits Berhad (2011), London Biscuits Berhad Group consists of Khee San Berhad, Kinos Food Industries Sdn Bhd and London Biscuits Berhad, it together offer a range of products comprising 4 main product categories, which is wafers, cakes, candies and snack confectionary. These product categories include a various sub type such as three types of wafers those included cube, bar and biscuit, three types of cakes included layer, roll and round, five types of candies included boiled, deposited, chewy and tablet, and a wide variety of snacks food, included puddings, jelly, extruded corn, wafers, potato chips, chocolate with toy boxes and biscuit dip chocolates. Those are the popular brand names under London Biscuits Berhad: * Caca

* Gega
* Hiro
* Kinos
* Lonbisco
* London
* Mizu
London Biscuits Berhad has wide distribution networks and its products can found in 65 markets out of Malaysia, such as South East Asian, Asia Pacific and Middle East. Its main overseas markets such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. As a successful company, London Biscuits Berhad was awarded a...
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