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 There are thick raindrops on my window. It is raining outside. Why? Because this is London. Raw. Perishing. Unsympathetic. When it’s not raining the despotic wind will never leave me alone. Walking through Notting hill tube station I came across stimulating pictures. I’d seen very few pictures of these types in my life. The pictures were faint, some barely visible, just dustings of pale blue and yellow on the brittle walls, but they were I think the most remarkable things I have ever come across. Impressions of strange and mysterious events, men and women dressed in fabulous costumes engaged in all the wondrous activities they could find. Like so many of the world’s greatest cities, London is a malleable organisation, alive, energetic and so many people have created an individual prism through which they view it- a prism that recent days events both tested and reinforced. I have my own prism. I am an Egyptian Londoner and it’s a fundamental part of how I define myself. It was barely a year and a half ago that a famous and rather romantic event took place. The Royal Wedding. The romance, the dress, the fallen princess, the commoner bride, that kiss on the balcony, from across the Atlantic Ocean, the day resembled the fairy tale it was choreographed to be. It was also, not incidentally a reflection of how millions around the world view England: pomp, ceremony, fantasy and laced with history and tradition. London represents greatly our culture heritage. We think of red buses and phone boxes, the queen and ‘cups of tea’. But ignoring heritage and culture, what is London. London is the endless rows of high towering flats and apartments. The fluffy yet foul smog that layers the deep rain smothered sky. The bustling people spread across the high streets and the cars and red buses polluting the air entering our lungs. England wouldn't be England without London would it? London is a place full of freedom; people have opportunities to develop themselves to their...
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