Londis a Business as a Whole

Topics: Ethics, Unemployment, Business ethics Pages: 4 (1152 words) Published: April 26, 2012
Londis, a franchise of convenient stores owned by the Musgrave Group as of 2004, established in 1959 as a communally owned company with a retailer network in excess of 2000 stores spread all the United Kingdom and the republic of Ireland. We as a group will be analysis and discussing the external factors of one its retailers using a PESTLE analysis method, and discussing what these factors are how they affect the business.

The shop is located in Buckingham, and is owned by Robin and......, a couple originally from the town of Oxbridge. It was bought 9 years ago, when the family decided to leave their previous home due the high crime rate and unsuitable living conditions in that area. Previously owned by another couple it was not always a Londis store, but the couple felt that the brand name would enable an easier start up, as Londis is a known supermarket label especially in smaller towns.

Located at the top of Hunter Street, which is about a 2 minute walk from the university of Buckingham main campus, a high percentage of its customers are students that live in the university accommodation around the campus, and so it offers various amenities ranging from stationary, food to magazines and alcohol.

A PESTLE analysis is method for reviewing the macro environment factors that affect a business. It stands for: Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal, And Environmental. This analysis technique contributes towards the decision making that businesses are faced with. The analysis gives an insight into some of the potential risks and uncertainties the business or company may face; it also helps them to examine the future as well as current circumstances. Political

It is relating to what degree and the government intervenes in the economy. Mainly, political factors include such as tax policy, environmental law, tariffs, labour law, and political stability. It may also include services and goods which the government wants to provide or...
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