Lombardi's Grill

Topics: Marketing, Newspaper, Advertising Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: November 16, 2011
MK 351 CASE #8 Lombardi’s Italian Grill
1 Sept 10

1. Monica Lombardi in the beginning focused on the Place aspect of the four P’s locating her restaurant in a strip mall that is in a growing suburb at the cross roads of three major interstate highways. Then the second P was the moderate price she charges for her food items. Her product is the homemade Italian food she sells and the promotion she used in the beginning was buying three quarter pages adds in a local newspaper to promote the opening of the Lombardi Grill. I believe this was a good starting point for promotion but as she learned down the road she would have been better served getting on local radio also. Her original target market was the local people who live in the surrounding area of her grill. By using the local paper it limits the exposure her grill got to local community and people who notice it when passing by or by word of mouth from satisfied customers. I believe when she finally decided to go with the radio ads and a metro news paper she saw substantial gains in her customer base and profits. By using a larger paper with a much bigger customer base and putting her advertisement on the radio this will get the word out to people driving down the highways near her place and we all know people stop to eat more on vacations and road trips.

2. I believe to improve her market strategy she should continue with the radio ads and consider taking out some air time on local TV stations. I also notice recently that the movies have advertisements available prior to the showing of movies. I think this would be a great investment. How many people go to the movies each day that would really get her product out there. I believe the more times people see your add or commercial the more likely they will try out your product. Name recognition is everything and once they come once is your product is solid and worth the value people will most times form a brand loyalty to your product.

3. I...
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