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Gianni Ismael Romo Viquez

UCLR – 100 Professor Julia Daniels

16 February 2013

How does the film reinforce or reinterpret the depiction of that character in the script?

Vu du pont, the 1961 film adaptation of Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge, reinterprets two of the most vital scenes of Miller's play. However, it does not explicitly change the dialogue or Arthur Miller's intentions. This adaptation changes two of Eddie Carbone's most important actions; this is seen in the scene where Eddie kissinges Rodolpho, and the fighting scene. Although these scenes create a greater shock to for the audience, they do not deviate from the main themes of the plot. Throughout the play, Eddie Carbone becomes a victim of his own actions; his unconscious love towards his niece, Catherine and his thirst for respect of the community finally consume him. The movie manages to reinforce this idea by adjusting theseadjusting these scenes, but most importantly the ending scene.

In order to fully explain how this variation becomes relevant, we must go back to the first interaction between Eddie, Catherine and Beatrice. Raf Vailone does a great job showing Eddie’s different emotions towards Catherine and Beatrice. Eddie shows a massive change in the tone of voice when he speaks to Catherine and Beatrice, where with Catherine he demonstrates a happy, seductive tone and to Beatrice a monotone and cold language. We can also see this differentiation in Eddie's gestures.' Iit is obvious that Eddie wants to have a sexual relationship with is niece instead than with his wife. The peak moment of the manifestation of Eddie's desire is when Catherine lights up Eddie's cigarette, here can see that not only Eddie is not the only one showing desire, but also Catherine. From that moment on the audience is exposed to Eddie's true, yet unknown feelings.

The first scene that causes a mayor conflict to the play, and attention to the audience is when Eddie gets home...
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