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SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT : An Analysis and A Review

Of 100 years of Frederick W. Taylor Method

Antonius Ricardo Tjendrajaya

The University Of PSB Academy at Singapore

SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT : An Analysis and A Review

100 years of Frederick W. Taylor Method


It is obvious that the concepts of management systems which are used by lots of companies nowadays are related to its predecessors in the past. In that time, there were many people who participated to develop philosophies of management such as Daniel Wren, Marvin Levine, Frederick W. Taylor and Myron Johnson. However, the most captivating thing of all those is that only the points of idea that Taylor made in that years are relevant till this era. His concept, therefore, are about totally to be reviewed and discussed.

The Review Of Frederick W. Taylor's Ideas

Some concepts of scientific management are basically true in term of maximizing a profit of a company by choosing the most effective way. Indeed, the method can be used in many fields. For example: whether it is a big or small company, it has to have an efficient procedure to conduct. To have an efficient one, it has to be supported by a high capability labour and high technology tools. The employees precisely do the task divided according to the working hours that has been arranged by the company. Besides that, the company has to study the best motion between the employee and the machines. Therefore, the most efficient and effective ways are found and the impact can be seen. Not only just that, in fact incentive system and anti unionism which are two of the entire scientific management concepts are either adopted. For an instance, even IBM which is considered as a huge company runs Taylor's philosophies (Locke,1982,p.20).However, it is a fact as well that some scientific management methods are mistaken. Taylor did not see for any further about the view of social factors and specialized workers. Scientific management made every employees working hard for full time without any gaps of time to take a break. Consequently, many workers became an individualistic person and do their job merely as a machine that works constantly. In fact, they were supposed to interact with other employees as a partner. "Taylor viewed soldiering as a problem caused by poor management and one that could and should be eliminated by scientific management"(Locke, 1982,p.18). Lastly, specialized employee is not suitable for a worker nowadays since people need to be flexible to fulfill whatever the job requirement is. In the end, although its effectiveness can be felt yet there are problems in that method.

The Progress of Scientific Management

Scientific management successfully approached the people’s perspective of management. Although it was seen as a threatening technique to conduct in the first place, one reason to explain it was that the complexity of structures which always emphasized to improve the output were able to be widely used and expanded in many areas and anytime such as the system of planning, feedback, incentives, and communication standards. Thus, it attracted many people to merge from the previous method which was personnel management movement to be scientific management. Furthermore, the method was developed together as the improvement of acknowledgement. Started from America, there were eight kinds of thought changed since Taylor introduced the method in 1900s : the labours were able to work independently from any pressures of managers, more effective productivity could be established, each labour's vote was counted in term of making a new policy, the least of possibility for sorts of a vandalism to occur, many factories rose up rapidly the income, employees did not have to widen any particular skills to adapt the requirements of a firm, a lot of inability persons were capable to participate in a...
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