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  • Published : September 29, 2014
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Amanda Nettle
Acid Rain Lab Report
Due 3/14/14
Period 1

Acid rain has impacted the environment of Connecticut and much of the United States. Acid rain also has a financial impact on cities and states. Acid rain is caused by pollution. When resources are burned into the atmosphere, the pollutants are released, and acid rain occurs. Tremendous amounts of money are spend yearly on cleaning and renovating structures damaged by acid rain.

Acid rain is very destructive to many structures. How can this be prevented? Does acid rain have effects on not only the environment, but the plants and animals that inhabit it?

If vinegar (a substitute for acid rain) is poured over building materials, then left to dry, the researcher believes that vinegar (acid rain) will cause the building materials to be affected because vinegar (acid rain) has chemicals that are known to destroy many structures in the environment.

Independent variable: building material (marble, brick, river stone, concrete, red sand stone) Dependent variable: weight/characteristics of building materials." Constant: amount of vinegar poured (50 ml), amount of time the building material sat in the vinegar, amount of time material dried for

•containers with lids
•safety goggles
•marble chips
•pea stone
•graduated cylinders
•pH paper
•limestone chips
•red sandstone chips
•triple beam balance
1: Gather all materials
2: Measure mass of marble
3: Place material in container
4: Fill graduated cylinder up to 50 ml of vinegar
5: Pour vinegar into the container with the material and seal the lid 6: Take material out of vinegar after 2 weeks
7: Measure mass
8: Allow material to dry for 6 days
9: measure mass of dried material


Data Analysis:
Acid rain is very destructive to the world we live in. This experiment demonstrates how acid affects building materials, and which...
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