Topics: Hero, Zora Neale Hurston, Modern art Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Paragraphs with special purposes In a standard paragraph, the main idea is explicitly stated by the topic sentenceand is clearly supported by sufficient, specific, and relevant information. Special paragraphs vary in structure, but still help unify the central idea in a longer composition. 1. An introductory paragraph attracts interest and often points out the main idea of the composition. It should suit the purpose and content of the composition. It may specify the topic and indicate the direction of ideas to follow. Using factual information, an anecdote or a quotation (all related to the thesis) may be utilized to start a composition (1)The rich have always liked to assume the costumes of the poor. Take the American language. It is more than a million words wide, and new terms are constantly added to its infinite variety. Yet as the decade starts, the United States vocabulary seems to have shrunk to child size. Stefan Kanfer (2)―I remember the very day that I become colored.‖ - Zora Neale Hurston The teacher called on me to read. I started haltingly. She begun interrupting me, correcting me, quietly at first but gradually, as I stumbled on, with more and more irritation, leaving her desk now to stand over me and pounce on every mistake I made. She was an irascible woman, and I had not prepared my homework. Leila Ahmed (3)Tomorrow, Aug. 27, we proudly remember the brave sacrifice of our fellow Filipinos with the commemoration of National Heroes Day. Yet some of our bravest heroes continue to find themselves both forsaken and forgotten—and their time is truly running out. Inquirer Editorial

Don’t’s: Start composition with apology, announcing flatly the intentions, using dictionary definitions of subjects 2. A concluding paragraph builds on preceding paragraphs. It will not develop the thoughts it ties together, and it may not have a topic sentence. Instead, it may begin with a transition and refer to the main point of the entire work or to the ideas in the...
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