Loitering and Parenting Style

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  • Published : November 29, 2011
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LOITERING FACTORS AND PARENTING RELATION AMONG ADOLESCENT SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS IN THE FOUR STATES Associate Prof. Dr. Azizi Hj. Yahaya Nalini A/P Madavan 15, Jalan Tembaga, Taman Sri Skudai, 81300 Skudai, Johor. ABSTRACT: The purpose of the study is to identify the dominant factors that contribute to loitering among school students and parenting relation of adolescents. Approximately 500 students from 18 schools from Johore, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor were selected by using cluster of cluster in this study. The data were collected using questionnaire which was adopted from Parental Behaviour Inventory (PBI), Teenagers Personality Questionnaires (TPAS) and The Parental Aspect Questionnaires (PAAS). The alpha Cronbach for this instrument for loitering factors was 0.8596, parenting styles was 0.8879 and parenting roles was 0.8975. The findings indicated that there were significant correlations with family relation factors, self-regulation teenagers, religion education, parenting styles and parents as a rolemodel. However, there were no significant differences with friendship relation and environment. Family relation factor was the most dominant factor that determine the teenagers students. The findings also shows that democratic parenting styles and parents as a role-model were in high level. INTRODUCTION Loitering give us the clear picture of what is given on in the society today where importance of the problem is been highlighted in Malaysia now. Psychological and loitering between the youths are gaining lot of attention from the public. The nature of the problem is subjective and changes according to situation, surrounding and also time. A lot of reports are being published in papers, magazines and other firms of broadcasting to show the seriousness of this problems which youths are facing in Malaysia. Just hanging around doing nothing is one of the serious problem which are seen here. It has been one of the important topic which are discussed in seminars, from and also lectures about youth. The wastage of this is kind of a sickness over here where it is not only done by the male but also by the female youths. This kind of thing is usually done by youths. According to Hall (1904) being a youth means you are happier in a different kind of dimensions where it is stressful for them. It happens because there are going through a lack of time when they are deciding what to do with their life. According to Harre and Lamb (1983) youths will try to lead their lifestyles following their family, peers and also teachers who made them feel comfortable being with them. Datuk Dr. Abdul Hamid Othman in local newspaper (Berita Harian: 15th February 1994) said that youths who usually squander around are usually those who newly

migrated to the town area. Usually this happens because there is lack of communication between their family and also neighbours who wants to keep their life to themselves. Papalia and Olds (1978) said relationship between youths would lead to a new culture in their life. A good and healthy interaction between them can bring them to different heights in life such as tolerance, respecting each other and also helping out each other. But, if is the other way round it can lead to disaster. Those who likes to go to entertainment cutlets are those who are influences by the peers said Anthony (in Iran Herman, 1995). A shopping complex in England nicknamed the female youth as rabbits and the male as rats as their maun, agends is to interact with their same age group of peers. This is a common phenomena in the city as these are a lot of interesting places to go. A systematic way of handling this problem is needed to study this matter carefully. There are lots of youths who like to wonder around in shopping centeres, videos arcades and the most popular one is cyber café. This was the most hottest topic talk about around 1994 till 1995. There has been a lot of discussion done them the media to discuss about...
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