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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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ogistics vs scmLogistics Versus Supply Chain Management : An International Survey PAUL D.LARSON & ARNI HALLDORSSON

This paper opens by describing four unique perspectives on the relationship between logistics and SCM. Four perspectives: traditionalist , relabelling , unionist , inter-sectionist The result of an international survey of logistics / SCM experts are reported. For logistics educators, researchers and practitioners

Four unique perspectives – Traditionalist
SCM is one small part of logistics.

Four unique perspectives – Traditionalist
Educators can easily accomplish this by adding a SCM lecture to the logistics management course, or by inserting a SCM chapter into a logistics textbook. SCM analysts would broaden the scope of logistics analysis

Four unique perspectives – Relabelling
The relabelling perspective simply renames logistics; what was logistics is now SCM.

Four unique perspectives – Relabelling
More recently, Simchi-Levi et al. (2000) confessed that they ‘‘do not distinguish between logistics and supply chain management’’. Relabelling narrows the scope of SCM, since SCM equals logistics.

Four unique perspectives – Unionist
This perspective treats logistics as a part of SCM; SCM completely subsumes logistics.

Four unique perspectives – Unionist
Stock & Lambert (2001) suggest ‘‘supply chain management is the management of eight key business processes:(1) customer relationship management, (2) customer service management, (3) demand management, (4) order fulfillment, (5)manufacturing flow management, (6) procurement, (7) product development and commercialization, and (8) returns’’. These processes subsume or include much of logistics, purchasing, marketing and operations management.

Four unique perspectives – Inter-sectionist
The intersection concept suggests SCM is not the union of logistics, marketing, operations management purchasing and other functional areas.

Four unique perspectives –...
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