Logistics Pharmaceutical Challenges in South Africa

Topics: United States, Africa, South Africa Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Logistics challenges facing pharmaceutical industries in South Africa Introduction
South Africa is the most developed country in Africa and reflected from it being selected to host the 2010 soccer world cup it has resulted in an economic boost for the country. The largest service providers in South Africa are listed:

* Schenker
* Kṻhne & Nagel
* Expeditor
* Hellmann
* Safcor Panalpina
* Micor
* Megafreight
* Rṏhlig Grindrod
Trade challenges
South Africa exports their goods mostly to Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Japan and the Unites states of America, and the imports list of South Africa is largely Germany as the top importing nation of South Africa then following is China, United States of America, Japan and Saudi Arabia. Transport infrastructure in African countries including South Africa is in poor conditions which causes ships in the harbours – which have insufficient infrastructure – to have to wait for a number f days before they can unload their goods. International nations who manufacture pharmaceutical goods for South Africa endure difficulties as they reach their capacity limits wasting a lot of time and slowing the supply chain. There are various challenges in South Africa and highlighted are challenges such as desert regions in the country, the high mountain ranges and rain forests in South Africa serve as challenges in the logistics supply and value chain of the country Pharmaceutical industries in perspective of complex networks in terms of manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, dispensers and distributors are rated as relatively well-developed and sufficient change has taken place from the challenges faced by the country. Challenges in the logistics perspective

Importing goods into South Africa is made challenging because of the poor conditions the roads are that travelling is done on and another challenge is the South African ports and suppliers in terms of the distances between the two in...
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