Logistics Management

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  • Published: April 18, 2013
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Chapter-1 Concepts Objectives and Elements of Logistics

A. Introduction of Marketing Logistics
B. Definition of Marketing Logistics
C. Evolution of Marketing Logistics & Intl.Logistics D. Concept of Logistics
E. Components of Logistics system
F. Article

Chapter-2 Logistics Sub-system

A. Marketing Logistics
B. Essence of logistics in marketing:
C. Relevance of Logistics in Export Management
D. Importance of Logistics as a strategic resource: E. Trade-Off Analysis
F. Forms of logistics management
G. Questions for Self-Analyzation

Chapter-3 International Logistics

A. Introduction
B. Definition
C. Supply Management
D. Incoterms
E. International Packaging Issues

Chapter-4 Integrated Logistics

A. Introduction
B. Network Design
C. Information

Location Redesign

D. Transportation
E. Inventory

Warehousing, Material Handling, and Packaging

F. Integrated Logistics

Inventory Flow

G. Information Flow

Hospital's Cure for Inefficiency

H. Barriers to Internal Integration
Concepts Objectives and Elements of Logistics
Definitions of Logistics
Logistics is new unique, it never stops! Logistics is happening around the globe 24 hours days Seven days a week during fifty-two weeks a year. Few areas of business involve the complexity or span the geography typical of logistics. Logistics is concerned with getting products and services where they are needed whenever they are desired. Most consumers take a high level of logistical competency for granted. When they go to store, they expect products to be available and fresh. It...
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