Logistics Management

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The competitive drivers of the 21st century are time and service (responsiveness and flexibility). The notions of stabilizing flow and reducing variations are no longer competitive practices.
More to point, three forces separately and in combination are driving today’s companies deeper and deeper into a territory that most of the executive and managers find frighteningly unfamiliar. These forces are the 3 C’s, customer, competition and change. Customers: - Seller no longer has upper hand whereas customers do. A customer now tells the supplier what they want, when they want it, how they want it and what they will pay. Competition: - It used to be simple the company that could get the market with an acceptable product and service, at the best price could get the sale. Now, not only does the competition exist but also, it’s of many different types. If the company cannot stand shoulder to shoulder with the worlds best in the category, it soon has no place at all. Change: - Fore most change has become both pervasive and persistent. It is treated as normal. E.g.-life insurance companies offer only two products, but today their supply is constantly changing and creation of new product is constantly increasing. Instant, reliable, and aggressive order quotation and order shipment is becoming standard practice as market gains global visibility. This is possible only by accurate & quick flow of information, material, and cash flow between the customers and suppliers. Today market forecasts are less applicable because the market changes so fast that forecast made are quickly obsolete. So we need a mechanism that allows the market to respond instantly. This leaves more accurate and dynamic planning in the management of material, information and cash flow as the only competitive option, Thus the solution is get your logistics right.

Objectives of the study

The objectives of this study are

To understand the current context of continuously improved customer service by managing uncertainties and shortening lead times with the help of an efficient logistics management.

To give brief idea on the importance of "logistics management" in the globally competitive business environment.

To understand the various elements influencing logistics activities.

To give clear picture of different IT tools used in logistics management of a company.

To understand how logistics activity actually takes place in the company.

To make a career in logistics services by applying the knowledge in the respective area.


The matter for this project report was collected through various sources. The primary data without which this project would hold no substance was collected through people directly involved in the day-to-day functioning in a logistics service providing company. During the course of my research, I had personally interviewed Mr. RAJ. who is the Asst. Manager -Business Development in Semcorb Logistics (India), has helped in providing the basic information of how logistics activity actually takes place in their organization and what are the challenges the company faces while providing various logistics service to their clients. The various questions were asked at the interview, some of them were as follows:

1.What are the different logistics services provided by the company? 2.What Infrastructure facility the company has?
3.How are their beneficial from logistics point?
4.Which information technology tools does the company uses? 5.How the clients may benefit by souring logistics services from Semcorb Logistics?

Secondary data was available through newspapers, business magazines and various management books and the source for some of the statistical data was the Internet. The data for the primary case study was collected from the brochures provided by Semcorb logistics India Pvt. ltd., which helped me to further analyze my research project.

4.Logistics Management...
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