Logistics Damu Center in Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan of the future is the developed economy, cities, modern infrastructure. Today we do important steps on the way to this future. As our country is a crossroad of the worlds, which connects the West with the East and the North with the South, the development of transport logistics sector is a matter of great importance to us. What is required to this effect?

Let's imagine the whole transport network of our entire continent, imagine how much cargo is moving through them every day, and each cargo has its own destination. And if we mention here all the problems that are usually faced by the companies while cargo storage and shipping, as a matter of fact, it shall be a real chaos. Development of our transport system goes full blast. Plans to build regional highways are already being developed. But what actually is needed to structure or digest all this infinite cargo flows, which will only grow in the years to come? We cannot do only with roads and railway tracks here, and the aircraft is not capable to carry such huge quantity of freight continuously, besides it is very expensive. Here also there is a need for qualitative and modern logistical services meeting the standards absolutely new to Kazakhstan. It is necessary to take steps for the development of the transport logistics sector.

And the first step has already been made – this is an industrial and logistics Center “DAMU”.

This is a unique Center for Kazakhstan, which thanks to its innovative technologies shall carry out quality, operative, reliable transportation and storage in addition to other things. Center “DAMU” shall render the following services: freight bailment, handling, customs clearance, and search for optimal routes for delivery of cargo.

And there is more to come. “DAMU” is a large complex with a total area of 130 hectares. Except for warehouse terminals, the administrative and public services complex shall be built in the territory. It will include business center and athletic field, hotel and conference hall. Among other things, the customs-broker division, as well as branch of tax inspection and customs house of Almaty region, working according to one stop principle, shall be housed in it.

The industrial and logistics center "DAMU" shall be completely furnished with all necessary infrastructure. It shall include both gas supply, and own main distribution station (electrical power supply), fiber-optic telecommunication networks (digital communication, allocated Internet channel), and locomotive depot, automobile and railway access roads. As well as: tanks with water for fire extinction, parking lot for cars and lorries, etc. And all this shall be under strict control of modern security system and video observation system.

As we see it is a large-scale project, and that takes some doing, actually “DAMU” is the project of truly global value. One of its functions shall be to ensure relieving pressure on Almaty roads. Besides location of the Center allows it to become a link in a huge network of traffic flow both to the neighboring countries, and the far abroad.

So, what is required for the development of the market of logistic services in our country? Creation of strategically important projects such as industrial and logistics Center “DAMU” shall promote the development of not only transport logistics, but also the development of regional and republican economy.

If we compare our country with a human body the roads of our independent republic shall be the veins, and everything that is moving along them shall be the blood, which is so vital for the life of the country. For our young republic growth i.e. economic development and accordingly healthy blood supply is of great importance too.

Together with “DAMU” we shall move into the future Kazakhstan, strengthening those positions, which we have already been reached for so many years of our independence.

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