Logistic Trend in Asean Countries

Topics: Logistics, Supply chain management, Costs Pages: 3 (1001 words) Published: June 27, 2011
ASEAN logistic Trend and Preferences
ASEAN logistic trend and preferences have been dramatically changing since the world’s economy and production growth have been shifting toward ASEAN countries. However, the high logistic costs among these countries are unable to promote high quality and wide range of logistic service to international customers. Still, these countries acquire to eliminate the high costs to provide customer satisfaction and being cost efficiency. The inefficiency of logistic in ASEAN countries, particularly Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, is mainly due to lack of skilled and professional personnel, insufficient support of facilities and infrastructure which can raise defect the movement of cargos and distribution goods. For example, in Singapore has professional skilled workforce, high quality and wide range of logistic services, highly efficient logistics operations and excellent infrastructure and information system had lead to more sustainable supply chains and cost effectiveness. Unlike Singapore, some of the Asian countries must build the requirements to meet supply chains efficiency. Especially Thailand wants to become a regional transport center; Thailand must improve its infrastructure linkages to connect with neighboring countries. On the other hand, these countries must be proactive to take advantage of its location because this is a golden opportunity. To provide cost saving and flexible value added services, these countries must take initiative changes and improvement to proof that they are capable of offering logistic efficiency. Meanwhile, these counties must increase the quality of its reliability of inventory management and order fulfillment .i.e they must keep up with the effective and efficient logistic service. To fulfill the customer’s order, the logistic service in these countries must know the right product, right quantity, right condition, right place, right time, and right customer at the right cost. Focusing...
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