Logistic Guidelines

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Management Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: December 6, 2012

Report title – Personal Learning Report (3,000 words) 100% of module assessment

The report should contain two components:

Part A – (1,500 words, weighting 50%) Review the challenges of responsible business for both organisations and individuals in organisations drawing upon the theory and practice issues covered in the module. Reflect on the impact this has on professional practices within organisations and the range of factors and skills that professionals need in order to deal with these issues. Also consider the challenges of these issues for your own ethical values and how these might come into play in a professional setting. The format for this part A is open and you can develop it in any way you choose but you may find it useful to consider; * The employment/professional sector you would like to work in after your MSC or a sector of employment you have experience of working in. This will help you to focus upon the issues of importance in this sector and the impact that ethical practices or the impact that CSR has on this sector. Using both theory and practice examples.

* Alternatively you could chose to focus on a contemporary responsible business challenge, using theory and practice examples to explore how this challenge shapes organisational practice, the skills of professionals working in this area of business and how this might interact with individual ethics. Part B (1,500 words, weighting 50%) This part of the report will explicitly focus on personal reflections of your own professional skills, your professional development needs/skills gaps, and your understanding of professional ethical practice. Again you may find it useful to apply this discussion to your previous work experiences or your chosen profession post-MSc. Part B should focus upon reviewing the theory and practice discussed in the second half of the module while including some reflection on how ethical issues...
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