Login Id & Password Depends Upon the Stream You Are in. 2. Registration Form of Amcat Is Better as They Asked About Personal Details, Academics 3. There Are 18 Module Which Covers All the Streams 4. Individual Attempt

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1. Login ID & Password depends upon the stream you are in. 2. Registration form of AMCAT is better as they asked about personal details, academics 3. There are 18 module which covers all the streams

4. Individual Attempt module - 3 are common and 3 depends upon the stream I. Common Module
A. English
B. Logical Resigning
C. AMPL (90 questions in 20 minutes)
II. Stream Module – according to stream
5. Content of the module is like college level.
6. Content is like copied from the book (like company placement paper or Bank PO paper) 7. Time given was very much perfect.
8. After completing one module there is fixed minutes given in middle (1-2 minutes) 9. Module comes one by one randomly.
10. After completing one module if the next module is not of your stream then you can skip the particular. 11. There is on Back option, once after confirming the answer you have to click to the next button. 12. There is no multi media used in the Test.

13. But you have to call to a particular no after completing the test. 14. GUI and design is not good as KASA.
15. No sadden report shows by them; it will be given after 7-8 days. 16. No previous description is given before starting the test. 17. The answer of the question is very much different from each other. Conclusion:

1. Test paper is like campus placement drive.
2. They only focus on placement and do the advertisement, even though they don’t 3. If we want to pitch KASA to this level we have to add domain skill. 4. KASA is common for all, so we can differentiate it for all Streams in the college like Management, BE, MCA, diploma etc. 5. All the transaction and update including the placement and result will be updated in there personal login, so the hit in the site will increase, there we can pitch our different product.
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