Logical vs. Psychological

Topics: Black people, White people, United Kingdom Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: May 9, 2011
Tutor: Ms Margaret Newman
Student: Tandra Longley.
Assignment: Logical vs. Psychological Reasoning.
1. Read the first three paragraphs of “white Women and Slavery in the Caribbean, (page 181, Blooming with the Pouis) and identify two(2) examples of appeal to ethos.

First example of appeal to ethos is found in paragraph two(2) sentence three(3): To date the primary focus of research (and this is reflected in the structure of historiography) is the black woman, with the coloured woman running a competitive second, and the white woman trailing behind at a distance”. The second example of appeal to ethos is found in paragraph three (3) sentence three(3): “Studies of the rise and fall of the planter class in Caribbean societies, for instance, have not paid systematic attention to the planter’s wife as a socio-economic agent”.

2. Read the last three paragraphs of chapter 32 in Blooming with the Pouis and identify what you consider to be the use of emotional proof (pathos). What type of claim (policy, cause, fact, definition, value) does the writer begin with (Problem parents neglect…)? What I consider to be the use of emotional proof (pathos) is: “There are also reports of parents sending their daughters to work in night clubs as scantily dressed dancers in order to earn money for their families, their sons to ‘hustle’ in the streets, and of fathers who feel that it is their ‘right’ to demand sexual intercourse from their daughters because they had undertaken the responsibility of their upbringing”. The type of claim is cause: “Problem parents neglect and abuse their children, often with serious consequences”.
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