Logical Operators

Topics: Relational operator, Foreign key, Equals sign Pages: 3 (642 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Chapter 10—Review
Use your textbook to complete the worksheet.

1.List the relational operators and logical operators that can be used to form a validation rule. Relational Operators:
<less than
Greater than
<=less than or equal to
>=greater than or equal to
<>not equal to
Logical Operators:
2.a) What does it mean when 2 tables are related?
When a field on one table corresponds to a field on another table
b) What types of fields are used to form a relationship between tables?
When two tales are related on one type of field
c) How do you create a relationship?

3.a) What is a foreign key?
The one item that is linked to the primary key
b) Explain a one-to-many relationship.
When the primary key lets you refer to multiple fields
c) What are lookup fields?

d) How do you delete a relationship?
Click the line that connects the two tables then press the delete key

4.a)What is a select query?
Database object that is used to retrieve, or select, data that matches specified criteria
b) How many fields can a select query contain?

c) How do you create a select query?
Click create, -> Query design
d)What is the design grid?
Used to specify fields and criteria
e)How do you add fields to the design grid?
Drag the field into the design grid
f)Should you add $ and commas to your data in the design grid?
No because they are automatically added

5.Compare and contrast filters (from Chapter 9) and select queries.

6.a)List the steps to run a select query.
Double click the query name in the navigation pane
b)How is an existing query run?
Double click the query name in the navigation pane

7.a) Which view do you modify a query in?
Design view
b) In Design view, can a field be added between existing fields in the design grid of a select query? If so, how?
Yes, drag to design grid
8.a)What is a range query?...
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