Logical Framework Analysis - Definition and Example

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Logical Framework Analysis (LFA)

LFA is an analytical, presentational and management tool which can help planners to: * analyse the existing situation during project preparation; * establish a logical hierarchy of means by which objectives will be reached; * identify the potential risks to achieving the objectives, and to sustainable outcomes; * establish how outputs and outcomes might best be monitored and evaluated; * present a summary of the project in a standard format; and * monitor and review projects during implementation.

A distinction is usefully made between what is known as the Logical Framework Approach (LFA) and the Logical Framework Matrix (LFM). The approach involves problem analysis, stakeholder analysis, developing a hierarchy of objectives and selecting a preferred implementation strategy. The product of this analytical approach is the matrix, which summarises what the project intends to do and how, what the key assumptions are, and how outputs and outcomes will be monitored and evaluated. The Logical Framework Approach consists of 2 phases – the Analysis Phase and the Planning Phase. The Analysis Phase consists of 4 steps – Stakeholder Analysis, Problem Analysis, Analysis of Objectives and Strategy Analysis whilst the Planning Phase consists of the LFM and Activity and Resource Scheduling.

| Intervention logic| Indicators| Sources of verifications| Important assumptions| GOAL| Target groups’ health shall improve| 20% fewer cases of diarrhea, eye infections,malaria, blood parasites| Reports from health clinics inthe project area| | OBJECTIVE| Consumption of clean water shall increase from x to y and the use of latrines from a to b| | Project half –yearly reports| 1.Water sources remainunpolluted2.Primary health care andeducation are still provided| RESULTS | 1. 50% of the target group supplied with sufficient quantities of clean water2. 50% of existing water points in the target area repaired3....
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