Logical Fallacies Examples

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  • Published : September 9, 2012
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AP English

Logical Fallacies

Example 1: Your family is crazy. Therefore you are crazy.
This is an example of the logical fallacy, hasty generalizations. There is a interpretation of misleading information present within this statement. The arguer draws to a conclusion of insufficient evidence that suggests a person being crazy because his or her family is crazy. This is a false settlement of opinion and judgment. A person can’t inherit a duplicate personality because each person is their own being, therefore this statement is a mistaken belief. The arguer drew a cessation far too quickly without considering the whole issue. Example 2: You should never gamble. Once you start gambling you find it hard to stop. Soon you are spending all your money on gambling, and eventually you will turn to crime to support your earnings.

This is an example of the logical fallacy, slippery slopes. Steps within the situation lead up to negative consequences as an ongoing process. This examples suggests that once you gamble, you’ll never be able to stop and you’ll be striving to rob a bank in the near future. However, that’s morally incorrect. Gambling does not interfere with one’s behavior and control. The negative control of a person will possibly lead to such actions, however, a person with a strong limitation can stop if they really wanted to. If everyone who gambles, robs a bank in approaching time, there will be lots more people booking themselves behind bars. Example 3: Everyday, I show up just as the school bell rings, therefore my arrival at school causes the school bell to ring.

This is an example of the logical fallacy, post hoc. It shows a demonstration of false arguments between casual links and relationships. It suggests that an event following another is caused by the first event that happened. For example, the arguer believes the school bell rings because of his or her arrival. This argument is invalid because there is no reasoning and proof...
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