Logical Fallacies

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  • Published : January 19, 2011
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1.Hasty generalization - 1/18/11 10am – I was at the gas station and I had overheard someone say “women can never be trusted” this is s prime example of hasty generalization in that there is no truth to the statement and is a generalization. 2.Bandwagon appeal – 1/18/11 6:30 pm – While watching a TV show, a commercial came on for burger king with the comment that everyone needs to try “Americas favorite burger”. While this is obviously not a proven fact they are going on that bandwagon style of appeal to sell more burgers. 3.Ad hominem – 1/16/11 9:20 pm – while watching a clip of interview with Barrack Obama, there was claim made by Sarah Palin about Obama’s nuclear defense policy, instead of attacking Sarah’s claim, Obama ignores it, then goes on to attack Sarah saying” last I checked Sarah Palin is not an expert on nuclear issues” 4.Begging the question – 1/17/11 10:05 pm – While watching an old Wendy’s commercial they show a hamburger with a tiny patty of beef and a large bun and one of the lady’s says “it’s a big bun” then someone else says “where’s the beef?” then the announcer goes on to say “most hamburger places give you a lot less meat on a bun” then the lady repeats “where’s the beef” and then the announcer goes on to say “at Wendy’s we serve a hamburger that we modestly call a single, and the wends single has more beef than whopper or the big mac”. 5.False Dilemma – 1/17/11 9:45 pm - While browsing you tube I was watching a clip from according to Jim, the clip start with Jim saying “im the only good one” then his daughter says “ do you think you and mommy dig a good job raising me?” and Jim immediately replies “of course we did” after that his daughter says” well then obviously you taught me right from wrong” Jim “truuuueeeee” daughter “and you should trust me to do the right thing” Jim “ wait wait wait!” daughter “ or you’re a bad father, take your pick” then a long pause and Jim says “man your good”. 6.Stacking the deck – A big example is...
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