Logic, Persuasion and Influence - Reflection

Topics: Decision making, Persuasion, Logic Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: November 21, 2011
The module on Logic, Persuasion and Influence talks about how a person can persuade and how people can be influenced into doing something for another with credible logical reasoning both in the work place and in personal interactions. In groups of four, six key characteristics mentioned by Robert Cialdini were explored and then discussed as a whole in class. These characteristics include liking; where in order to influence behaviour patterns, you have to at the least try and like the person you are interacting with. Building a good rapport with someone is the key in keeping a positive and fulfilling relationship. Two main aspects of liking as mentioned by Cialdini are similarity and praise. Secondly, reciprocity is also favoured, as the name suggests how you treat others; you will also get in return. Cialdini states that managers can elicit the desired behaviour from co-workers and employees by displaying it first. Social proof is a profound example of like-minded people and socially dependent people making decisions. If you want to propose a new idea or simply raise money for charity it is much easier to do so when approaching similar groups i.e. family, friends or like-minded colleagues. Research has shown that collections from strangers would not give the same response as having a history of well-known or interconnected people accepting your offer. Once a precedent is established, most people are known to stand by their decisions. This is known as Consistency in Cialdini’s fourth characteristic of people and their decision making traits. Furthermore research suggests that people are more inclined to stick to their decisions if translated from verbal to written means showing them as ‘staunch and reliable’. The final two traits discussed in class on Cialdini’s article were authority and scarcity. Establishing a position of authority early on with your clients and to extent personal interactions is vital in this information age. To gain support from your...
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