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This wonderful and glorious world of plurality had been at all times a mystery, a temptation a, a conundrum. From the caveman to the modern scientist sitting amongst electronic equipment in the modern laboratories – ‗Where did it all come from?‘, ‗What is the source of this universe?‘, ‗What is happening all around?‘ – this kind of a question has been from time immemorial. Friends, from Adam and Eve onwards till today, we are still investigating. Sometimes our enquiry went into mysticism and religion, sometimes to superstition and sometimes to facts. But nowhere there is total satisfaction. Man wants to understand the world. This problem is not among the animals. Therefore philosophy and religion has never troubled the animal kingdom. It is only when you become the intelligent human being – then he starts this investigation – this enquiry – this curiosity to understand their world outside and a hundred questions arise in the bosom of every individual whether you are religious or not, whether you are scientific or not. If you are a human being, these questions cannot be avoided. This questioning ability in the human intellect that has brought about the entire - from the caveman to the modern man, all the progress that we have made are all that contribution of this human intellect investigative anxiety, to know - understand the world outside. All the objective scientists of the modern times are glorious people. But limited their approach to this problem. None of them are able to really find out - what is fundamental – it is not their fault. They were trying to understand it with their intellect, because that is the only toy that has been provided by the nature to the human beings. And we were fascinated by that toy and just as a child - when he gets a teddy bear first - he can‘t even sleep without a teddy bear. For few days nothing but the teddy bear day and night. So too we were so fascinated by the achievements and abilities and capacities of the human intellect, that we reveled all through the times till today. Intellectual investigation observing the factors - codifying the observations, systematizing those observations and this is called ‗the science‘ - systematized knowledge. Milleniums have passed - playing with the intellect. Now and then we find a spark of a unique mode of knowing through intuition whom we call as saints, sages and prophets. But they are all rejected, because man finds that the science is more useful than philosophy. Thus jogged, on we came to this point. In fact pictorially if you think about it, I conceive that an old man and an old lady were coming, hand in hand, married for millions of years, state and religion. They were coming along and somewhere in the late 18th or early 19th century, a buxom young girl jumping and tripping from the side of the mountain ran into the road, and the old man state got fascinated by her vigour and she stopped wondering and she holds him by the hand together they started going about. Remember the man is old and the young girl is full of energy and vitality, skipping and dancing, she is running folly. And the poor old man pantingly trying to maintain the hold upon her. Thus science and state started moving, unfortunately, that old lady religion philosophy got angry with the old man and she stopped at that point and never again followed them. Now that the states and governments of the world, the modern man is confused and confounded, exhausted and pitied. And science is trying to drag him forward. And he is regretfully looking backward. Where is that old lady who knew that all I want and who can only serve me

Chinmaya mission DFW – Discourses by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda ji

properly. I am exhausted, I am tired and looking back - you can‘t even see her because she has become a speck in the distance because she never followed. Religion stopped there where science started. He did not come to upgrade it to the modern demands of the...
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