Logging in Pacific Countries

Topics: Natural environment, Natural resource, Solomon Islands Pages: 4 (1372 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Logging can bring benefit to our rural people in our provinces in terms of financial aspect but on the other hand it can also causes great changes in our areas, within our communities. Poor practices can cause harm into our natural and cultural resources and also the welfare of our people in the community. However, it is essential that, where logging operation occurs, they must carry it out in the way that can minimize the damages of logging to our resources. Logging in Solomon Island had begun more than 20 years on the islands of Guadalcanal, Malaita, Western Province and as well as Isabel Province. However, logging industry started to increase rapidly through out the country and now some of them are doing their operation in our rural areas in the Provinces. Therefore, in this essay I am going to outline the impacts of logging in Solomon Islands and also the effects of logging in our communities.

Here are the impacts of logging; it can cause desert in our provinces by over harvesting the trees; plants and animals too will not exist when logging operates; pollution will happen to rivers, streams and mangroves and so is the increase of landslides and other natural disaster and loss of humus or top soil. However, there are also three main major effects of logging within our communities, such as the increase in criminal activities, land dispute and conflict within tribes and also the teen age pregnancy.

Firstly, the question that I want to asked in this topic is that why did the logging will cause desert in our provinces? In my analysis, by discussing this topic on logging, it can cause destruction to our environment and also our natural resources. According to Albert (2006), it stated very clearly, that logging as long as they come to do their operation in our land, they will starts to cutting down the trees as logs for export to the oversea countries. However, in order to catch up with the cubic, they will cut down all kinds of trees that have the very...
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