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Topics: Scientific method, Research, Learning Pages: 7 (959 words) Published: April 29, 2013
There is no single format for the log. You may want to set yourself some realistic learning aims and objectives for the research and agree these with your supervisor in advance.  
Having produced the log and your on-going reflections you could draw the analysis together by producing a set of learning outcomes and comparing them with your original goals.  
It is acceptable to write in bullet points in your learning log, and try to write as concisely as possible whilst still conveying your reflection.  
It is best to produce the final log in a report format
What are your expectations of the research process? Set yourself learning aims and objectives for your research and discuss them with your supervisor What research tasks do you perform each week?

What do you know now that you did not know at the start of the research? Have you encountered new theories, methodologies or perspectives?  
What can you do now that you could not do at the start of the research? Have you acquired new research skills such as use of quantitative analysis, production of questionnaires, development of interview technique, familiarity with use of primary sources? List some aspects of your research that you felt you did well and what made these things go well? Acquiring new skills, accessing sources, visiting libraries, interviewing key individuals etc.  

List some aspects of your research that you found challenging. You might find using unfamiliar methodologies or acquiring new research techniques to be more time consuming and intellectually stretching than you originally thought. How did you approach those challenges and resolve any practical or intellectual problems? What research tasks do you have planned for the upcoming week?  


   Broader issues that you may wish to consider and reflect upon during your research are as follows:  
How did you choose your research topic?
What criteria did you deploy in its selection?
Which methodology(ies) have you examined and selected?
Do you need to acquire new skills before undertaking parts of your research?  
   You should reflect on your research and consider any developments as your project progresses. Your perspective and views on it may develop and change over time. What have you learned?
What new research skills have you learned and which of your existing skills have developed? What skills have you used to best effect?
Which have been under utilised?
At the end of the research process you should reflect on your entire experience and examine the notes that you have made and in turn reflected upon during your research. What in sum are your learning outcomes?

How do they relate to the aims and objectives you set yourself when you embarked on the research project? If you refer to any theories or arguments that you have encountered in literature do not forget to reference them as you would in an essay or dissertation.  

What research skills have you developed? What research can you do now that you could not do at the start of the module? What new information have you acquired? How have you analysed that material?

List some aspects of your research that you felt you did well: What made these things go well?
List some aspects of your work that you found challenging:  
How did you meet these challenges?
Research plan / tasks to do for next few days, plus any other comments  

Research Skills Acquired

40% of the assessment on placement modules is allocated to a reflective learning log that the student produces on their employment, or employment plus the research process. Students should keep a record of their work experience as their placement progresses. There is no single format for the log.  

It is best to produce the...
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