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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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LOF Essay

Don’t you hate when you read a book, and it gets turned into a movie but the movie changes your favorite scene? William Goulding wrote a fictional book called Lord of the Flies. He wrote it during the time period of World War II. This book is about a group of British boys who get stranded on an island with no adults due to a plane crash. The boys have to try and survive, and find a way off this island. In 1963, Peter Brooks came out with a movie based on the book. The movie is not as good as the book. The book and the movie are similar, but also different in terms of characterization, plot and theme.

The ways characters are portrayed both similar and different in the book and the film. For example, Jack’s actions are similar, but he is described differently in the book than he appears in the film. In the book, Jack is put out to be a little red-headed boy, but in the movie he is tall and blonde. Even though his appearance is described differently, his personality is still the same; evil and savage. Another example would be how Ralph is characterized. Ralph is described as a very athletic looking boy with fair skin in the book. In the movie he is a scrawny little boy. Ralph does act similarly in the book compared to the movie, though; he wants everything very civilized and in order. In addition to the other characters, Simon is also another character to be compared and contrasted. In the book, Simon talks much more than he does in the movie. He’s much more to himself in the film. On the other hand, he still believes the beastie is in the boys in both the novel and film. In conclusion, between Jack, Ralph and Simon, it’s evidently true that characterization is both the same but yet different in numerous ways. However, characterization is not the only aspect that can be compared and contrasted.

Another aspect that is similar and different in the movie and the book is the plot. For example, Roger is very familiar and known in the book, but in the...
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