Locus of Control

Topics: Personal life, Motivation, Social psychology Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Locus of Control

After completing and evaluating my responses to the Locus of Control Assessment, my result was that I have an internal locus of control. An internal locus of control is when a person believes that they are generally in control of the events that affect their life. In my opinion, the assessment is right, I believe I control most of the events that happen in my life. Now, on the other end an external locus of control is when a person believes that they generally do not have control of the events that affect their life (Myers, 2012, p. 51). The two reliable sources I found that provided information on Locus of Control were and After conducting some research I have determined that there are positive and negative outcomes for both internal and external locus of control. The important thing is to keep a balance between them. Some positive internal locus of control situations are when you study hard and get an A in your test or when you enter a contest and win. In these situations you controlled the event in your life. The negative aspect of an internal locus of control is that in some cases you can’t control the events that affect your life. For example being diagnosed with colon cancer or having surgery to remove your intestine. In these situations are person with an internal locus of control may feel hopeless and blame them selves for not preventing it. When it comes to an external locus of control the positive aspect of it is that when situations arise that person will most likely attribute it to something else. For example, they would say it was luck if they won the lottery or the teacher was in a good mood if they got a C in their math class. In negative cases they will blame others for the outcome because they believe they don’t have any control over the events that happened in their life. An example would be if they don’t do their homework because their mom forgot to buy paper or if they have an...
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