Locus of Control

Topics: Motivation, Locus of control, Self-efficacy Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: July 7, 2012
Locus of Control is a means of identifying the way a person already characterizes the influences of successes and failures and is not necessarily something that can be traded or unlearned. External and Internal Locus of Control can be defined as the way in which an individual accounts for the successes and failures experiences. If success base on own hard work and intrinsic motivation, it is exhibiting an Internal Locus of Control. If attributes his success or failure to outside influences, it is exhibiting an External Locus of Control. I answered the questions of locus of control scale by J.B.Rotter. The result of my answers in locus of control scale is a low score that indicates of internal locus of control. The benefits of internal locus of control are the individuals take more responsibility for their actions, good and bad. It is often more punctual, and more intrinsically driven to complete tasks to a higher standard than an individual with an external locus of control. And it is often dependable, and self-motivated and likely to be ambitious and successful. One significant drawback to having an internal locus of control is the ambition itself. These individuals may be seen as arrogant, unreasonable perfectionists who often require the same level of effort and accomplishment from others that they do from themselves. A person with an internal locus of control can also push himself to the point of ill health and psychological instability. We don’t know which type of locus of control is better because the answer depends on what your individual long term goal may be. Once you have established what your ideal lifetime outcome might be, then you can start to determine which locus of control can help you to achieve that outcome.
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