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Like Water for Chocolate
Guided Reading Worksheet


In responding to the questions, use complete sentences and support your answers with text (quotes) from the reading.

1.Who is narrating the story?
2.What happened to bring on Mama Elena’s early delivery of Tita? 3.Where was Tita born?
4.How come it was not necessary to slap Tita on the bottom at birth? 5.Why did Tita feel a deep love for the kitchen?
6.Explain what happened to Tita when she was two days old.
7.Explain the relationship between Tita and Nacha. What made their relationship special?
8.What made it possible for Nacha to nourish Tita and impossible for Mama Elena?
9.Compare and contrast Tita’s world to that of her sisters. 10.What was the reason given to prevent Tita from marrying Pedro? 11.What is the significance of the family tradition?
12.What issues does Tita bring up when she questions the family tradition? 13.What is Tita’s punishment for having a headache?
14.What is the significance of the song, “The Eyes of Youth,” that Gertrudis plays on the piano?


15.Explain how Tita’s relationship with Mama Elena is different from her relationship with Nacha. 16.Explain and discuss the beginning of Tita’s rebellion. 17.Explain the significance of Tita’s bedspread.

18.Why does Pedro decide to marry Rosaura? What is the logic to his decision? 19.What is the significance of the color white?
20.Describe the elaborate banquet Tita prepared for Rosaura’s wedding. 21.How was Mama Elena able to obtain the French silk for Rosaura’s wedding sheet? 22.Who is the Chinaman? How was he able to become a millionaire during revolution? 23.What is your reaction to Mama Elena throwing such an elaborate wedding for Rosaura in the midst of the revolution? What conclusion can be made about Mama Elena? 24.What causes Nacha’s death?

25.How is Tita’s life similar to Nacha’s?

Literary Skills (Magical Realism)
Magical realism is a writing style in which fantasy and reality are combined to create a fantastic image or occurrence.

Example and Significance of Magical Realism:

Magical Realism: “Tita was literally washed into this world on a great tide of tears that spilled over the edge of the table and flooded across the kitchen floor” (p.6).

Significance: The quote describes an occurrence of childbirth. The author has combined the reality of childbirth with the fantasy of a baby being washed into the world on a large body of water. The deeper meaning of the quote is that Tita is born prematurely due to a sensitivity to onions which foreshadows the pain she will endure in life. An aesthetic image is created by contrasting the strong, sharp smell and taste of an onion instead of stating that Mama Elena will be cruel to Tita because she did not want her. While Mama Elena in her treatment of Tita could easily be compared to the step-mother in Cinderella, the author has used magical realism to show the cruelness in a unique way.

Instruction: Read the quote below and discuss the significance of the quote.

1.Magical Realism: “That afternoon, when the uproar had subsided and the water had been dried up by the sun, Nacha swept up the residue the tears had left on the red stone floor. There was enough salt to fill a ten-pound sack—it was enough salt….long time” (p.7).

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