Lockheed Lounge

Topics: Art, Metal, Music Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: September 1, 2009
Year 11 Visual Arts

Explain how the Lockheed Lounge can be considered an artwork?

Art is the process of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions. The Lockheed Lounge, by Marc Newson, portrays the inspiration from the aerospace industry and mercury idea. The main features of the artwork involve the shape and texture produced, which create another meaning to art.

The Lockheed Lounge demonstrates the very unique shape of its freeform ideal of art combined with the concept of a functional object of the lounge. Newson’s image of a fluid metallic form of the giant blob of mercury was his inspiration to design this lounge. This 3D form was produced by hammering hundreds of aluminium panels onto a home-made mould of fibreglass, which is also the base of support. The freeform, organic shape of the lounge was prompted by mercury’s raw figure of a liquid blob. This pushed the mercury and industrial ideal of art.

Newson’s designs express his imagination of stylish, retro futuristic objects through the use of a technical rigorous approach. During the time of his innovative creations, people did not accept his unique designs as art but merely dismissed them. However, a few years later these people’s outlook on what is considered art altered, and they started to acknowledge Newson’s exclusive range of artworks. This shows that his sleek, luxuriantly industrial style of design is evident to predict 3-4 years into the future, and challenged the people’s understanding of the use of materials and functions as art. This involves questioning if metal is only used for vehicles and the raw shape of the lounge contradicts the usual rectangular shape.

At an early age Newson was very fascinated in taking things apart in order to make, improve pieces of objects. He also came from the study of jewellery and sculpture, which directed him to his childhood inspiration of aircrafts. Newson also took the everyday comfortable lounge and...
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