Locker Searches

Topics: Education, School, High school Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: October 26, 2010
Locker Searches in School
Jennifer Hardee

Locker Searches in School have been more of the normal then the abnormal in today’s times. Although some students believe their rights are being violated, we all need to understand that we might be saving others lives, or preventing a bad situation. It’s for the better for everyone, although the person who its happening to might not think so. As a teacher the health and safety of a child and the children within the whole school come first.

Searching someone’s personal space is a big deal. As a teacher that is a fine line to cross. I want the students to be able to come to me with concerns or questions and feel like they can confide in me. I want their trust as much as I wanted to be trusted myself, but if a student were to come up to me and confide in me the fact they overheard someone say they are hiding drugs in their locker, well that becomes an issue of a student’s health and safety and the health and safety of others. I will feel it was my duty to do something about it. I would not be able to live with myself if a student confided that in me and found out the next day that student overdosed or something else bad happened. Stepping forward and telling authorities of what I was told are a responsibility I will hold as a teacher whether it violates the student’s privacy or not. Students have to remember those lockers are property of school and the schools are allowing the students use of them. At any time they can take that right away from them.

I believe if it came down to the life and safety of others, a student with nothing to hide would have no problem in participating in what some schools call random searches. This allows schools to keep drugs and weapons from enter a school or if they have, remove of them appropriately. I believe this action is fair to all students with it being a random act. No student is singled out unless there is probable cause to allow someone to think otherwise....
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