Loch Ness Monster

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  • Published : January 30, 2011
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Loch Ness Monster
Myth or dangerous truth?

Everybody knows about the famous cryptid, the loch Ness monster, or Nessie as we like to call her. But is she real? Is it some crazy story made up by people that want to be famous, or a serious cryptid from the past?

The first recorded sighting of Nessie was in the 6th century with St Columba. St. Columba, so the story goes, ordered one of his monks to swim across the loch and fetch a boat. Halfway across the monster appeared and rushed at the swimmer. Columba cried out at the monster," Go no further, nor touch the man! Go back! ". The cryptid then swam away according to history. Since then there have been many more sightings, but none has ever gotten hurt. Since the late 19th century Nessie has seemed to be more and more active, and more sightings have sprung up. Maybe we raised it from a deep sleep, or maybe it is natural for creatures like it.

1933 was the year when the first photograph was taken of the monster, or what could be the monster. It showed something with a long neck arched over a thick body. This photograph, taken by a London surgeon caused a sensation when first published in the Daily Mail. In 1951, Lachlan Stuart, a worker who lived beside the loch, also managed to photograph the monster, if that is indeed what it was. He saw three humps in the water appear in line and ran back to his house to get his camera. After taking one photograph his camera shutter jammed, but his photograph got wide publicity as further proof of the existence of Nessie.

After these pictures, some serious investigations have gone into the Loch Ness Monster. The first of such was by the Loch Ness Phenomena Investigation Bureau, which was formed in 1961. They brought two submarines to the Loch with sonar and experts on board, yet they found nothing but a cavern 950ft below ground level. They wondered if this could be Nessie’s cave, but no evidence was ever found.

One of the most comical attempts ever made to find...
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