Locavore: Locally Grown Food

Topics: Food, Local food, Nutrition Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: October 13, 2011
Locally grown food is beneficial, for the economy, the public health and the environment. That’s why many people have taken the initiative of becoming locavores.

By buying locally grown food, one can help the community establish a more prosperous and stable economy. Any “dollar spent locally generates twice as much income for the local economy”. (Source A) Whenever anybody spends money on groceries from an outside community it does great harm to their community. When this happens, the merchandise in which the provider puts time and money is not being bought. It generates less income for the providers of such foods. This means that the quality and the prices of the food changes dramatically. Food prices increase because of the lack of money from the providers, and the “nutritional value … declines with time” due to the tremendous time it takes to export the food. This degrades the high quality of the fruits and vegetables that are being provided

The human body as we know has many necessities. In many cases it is hard to fulfill all the necessities that the body requires. However, we can maintain the body healthy by supplying it with sufficient nutritional values it needs. All it requires from us is to buy and eat healthy and fresh produce. Document B articulates that a “person making smart choices from the global mega mart can easily meet all the body’s needs”. “By eating with the seasons, we are eating foods when they are at their peak taste…and are least expensive”. (Source A). Fresh foods are not only good for you but they taste better than any processed food that has lost its nutritional value. It helps our environment and helps us become more “green”. “The rise of farmers markets …is a testament to a dramatic shift in American taste” (Source E). Buying locally “shrinks the distance of travel, and saves the planet” (Source C). This reduces the pollution created by the cars that transport the merchandise meaning non polluted are and food. It also...
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