Locavore: Food Production

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February 9, 2012

Synthesis Essay: “Locavores”

The last hundred years in America and abroad, the farm and food production industry has revolutionized and been expanded past recognition of the simple entity it once was. It has been studied that the majority of food at the store, though seemingly varitous, is distributed by only a handful of monopoly companies (Food Inc.: great movie, it is eye-opening to the food industry). The result is that exotic, foreign food items are normal commodities to the middle-class (and above) diet. The implications of this new system of food production, transportation, and commercial resale has raised questions and inspired a local food promoting movement to combat such practices. Main goals of these “Locavores” include: reduced CO2 emissions, more tasty and nutritious produce, and a revival of local economies. Upon considering Locavoristic ideals in a realistic community, to be applied in full effect, I believe it would work cooperatively with the larger scale foreign production; a balance of domestic and foreign food production. I think a combined effort of a community towards a goal would refresh and remind the world of how we humans lived for thousands of years. It would benefit a community to then consider what changes, societal and technologically, cannot be undone and must be accounted for when applying the Locavore concept. Such things like jobs, and expanded variety of food that are benefits of our more “foreign-vore”, modern ways.

In Jennifer Maiser’s web document from 2006 amny common people share their reasons and personal appeal to locally grown food. Aside from cost figures, relative CO2 emissions, and economist concerns, fresh well grown food seems to invigorate people and make them fell good. A common mistake in modern analyses is to ignore emotional, basic human response. For example, the institution of Communism is a theoretically utopian idea for poorer countries, but when humans are the test...
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