Location of Match Officials

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Locations of Match officials
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First Official (R1 or up referee) – Volleyball Referees

The first referee is the official that stands on the referee stand (raised platform) positioned at on the side of the court across from the team benches. It is the first referee that starts play by whistling and signaling (beckoning) the server to serve the ball. The first referee is the official in charge. If they feel it’s necessary to do so, the first referee has the authority to overrule any of the other officials (second referee, scorekeeper, libero tracker, or line judges). Also, the first referee may have officials replaced if it is needed. The volleyball referees should discuss before the match on what the second referee needs to signal to the first referee (illegal ball handling, illegal back row and blocks and attacks, etc.).

* Whistle any violations 
* Whistle player mishandling the ball 
* Giving Sanctions 

Second Official (R2 or down referee) – Volleyball Referees
The second referee is concerned with matters such as keeping time, assisting the first referee in making calls,administering substitutions, and verbally communicating with team coaches. The second referee also needs to communicate effectively with the scorekeeper. The second referee should overlook the scorekeeper with recording subs, timeouts, etc. The second referee should help the scorekeeper and libero tracker with any questions or issues that come up. The second referee (or umpire) stands on the ground on the opposite side of the court from the first referee. The second referee should position themselves so they can effectively transition from one side of the net to the other when the ball is in play. The second referees main responsibility is to manage the court, that is, communicate effectively with players and coaches at the team bench area, the work crew at the scores table, the line judges, and...
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