Location Essay

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  • Published : May 17, 2011
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Location Essay
Whenever I am feeling kind of down or just need to get out of the house, I love to go to my barn, where my horses are. My horses are pretty much part of the family and mean so much to me! Also, they are the best listeners in the world and have so many things that make them such wonderful animals.

I really love going and spending time with my horses because it is so quiet and relaxing. Some people may think, “Eww, doesn’t it smell bad?” but no it doesn’t smell bad at all to me. I am so use to that manure smell! Not only is there just the manure smell but the amazing smell of the horses, which to me is the best scent! It is like a sweet smell blended together with the fresh cut alfalfa in the summer time, so fresh and new. To me this is such a soothing smell and I love it!

When I am out there I really like to just sit on the wooden fence and watch them, talk to them or whatever I feel in the mood for doing. Admiring them is fanaticizing to me because they are such beautiful animals and their personality makes them so much more beautiful. Watching the sunset is always amazing too when I am out there. Watching how the day is coming to an end. The birds, rabbits, cats, dog all the wildlife around how they transition from day to night. Everything about being out and around that red barn is so awesome to me.

Being an animal, my horses can’t talk back to me verbally (of courses) but they have their own way of speaking to people physically. That’s why I love going to them when I have a problem that’s really upsetting me or if I just need to tell someone a huge secret. They are so good at sensing when something is wrong. They can feel when your sad, mad, upset, nervous, all of the above! Best of all, they listen when you are feeling these emotions. I believe this has a lot to do with the reasons why I love and care so much. They listen to anything you have to tell them, and best of all; I can trust that they won’t tell anyone. They are truly...
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