Location Based Service on Android

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Bundle - Bringing AI to Android
Uttara Shekar, Prashanth Ramanna, Laxmi Rambhatla
Northeastern University, 360 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115 Modules in Bundle


In today's world, people use their smartphones for a
number of different reasons - it has become their
calculators, their wake-up alarms, and their source of
Internet etc. All of these apps within the smartphones
require user inputs every time they have to perform
an activity. There exists an opportunity for a number
of these apps have the ability to become "smarter",
that is, they can be automated and made more
intelligent. Bundle is an Android app that aims to
achieve this - it is a bundle of different intelligent
facilities provided to the user. By intelligent, we mean
they have the ability to learn the users preferences as
the user uses the app, and will eventually automate
some of the basic facilities that users use a
smartphone for.
Keywords: Learning Agent, Feedback, Knowledge
Base, Android, and Automation.

Bundle is divided into three different modules,
which are explained in further detail in this report it is capable of switching the Wi-Fi and ringer of a user's phone based on his location; it is capable of
setting the user's alarm based on his preferred
waking up time; it capable of managing the user's
appointments and it is capable of displaying the
user's to-do list when he is at his preferred location
of working.
Currently there are apps that do provide the
functionality that Bundle is trying to implement.
But, the difference is most of the apps on the
market are not learning agents.
Development of Bundle included first procuring
information from the different applications we were
trying to automate on an Android phone i.e. GPS,
Ringer, Wi-Fi, and Alarm etc. Once this process
was completed Database APIs were built. Triggers
that would push information into Knowledge Base
were also built. After this the learning process,
where the database is filled with user details and
preferences was undertaken.

We have divided the project into three modules:
1. Location Based Assistance: This module
makes use of the user’s location. Ringer
automation, Wi-Fi automation and daily
task assistant come under this module.
2. Automated Alarm: In this module, we
have created an alarm that we can use to
observe sleep pattern of the user over a
period of time.
3. Appointment Management: This is the
third module. It takes care of scheduling
user’s appointments and manages them.
Location Based Assistance
Phone settings that are most frequently used and
changed by the user generally are
1. Ringer
2. Wi-Fi
3. Reminder for Task’s To-Do
Bundle includes the functionality to perform the
change in these setting automatically without any
user input. This is achieved by Bundle from acting
as a simple learning agent, where location of the
user is learned whenever the user performs a
change in the above-mentioned settings. The
details steps are as given below:
1. We include two tables, one each for ringer
and Wi-Fi mode change. These tables
have details to accommodate the location
information and a counter to keep track of
the number of recurrences. One
knowledge base table where we hold the
location information and the action
performed i.e. ringer or Wi-Fi mode

First time a user performs a change in
mode of ringer or Wi-Fi at location A. The
location is inserted into the corresponding
table of ringer or Wi-Fi. Subsequently if
the mode changes at the same location or
in a certain range [100 meters]. Of the
previous location stored then the counter

is incremented by 1. This is the learning
process in this module.

User is allowed to specify the threshold
for the number of recurrences at a certain
location. Once this Threshold is reached.
The location and the action performed are
triggered into Knowledge Base.


that he uses the app, and sets...
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