Locally grown food. Ap English Essay

Topics: Local food, Nutrition, Farmer Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Within many communities there are local produce stores, fruit stands, and more. There are many different brands of foods grown though out these stores. Especially in then United States there are many diverse cultures with different eating and dieting habits. All of these contrasting cultures contribute to and neglect locavorism nutritionally, socially, and economically.

Locally grown food is nutritionally a greater fit for our bodies. Fruits and vegetables at local stores was usually picked with twenty four hours before you discovered it there (Source A). According to Source B, "food begins to loose nutrition as soon as it is harvested," so at a local store it has more nutritional value. Even though food from farther away might taste just as good as the ones grown locally, it has lost nutritional value along the way to local stores. Source D shows that the most impact on our food comes from production and transport. Food that doesn't travel as far is less likely to be contaminated as well. If looking at it from a nutritional stand point, buying locally grown and produced is the best choice.

Buying from locally food stores also takes a toll socially. When buying locally you might personally know who grew or produced the food that you are buying. That is always a plus when looking for trustworthy food to buy for a family. Also, local farmers often change their crops from year (Source A). This gives a variety to the people who like to try new things. For people who like certain brands, locavorism might not be best choice for their lifestyle; they could not always be able to get the brand they want from local farmers. Local food can appeal to many different cultures. A crop that a group might favor could be grown locally; though, some crops can only be grown in certain parts of the world and could not be purchased locally. Therefore, for many locavore families, locally grown items would be a very common food item in those households.
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