Local School Life

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Tina’s Local School Life
Tina is a really kind girl but her parents like to compare their kids by looking at their grades. However, Tina doesn’t like the way her parents treat her. One day she got a D on her test she and was punished by her parents even though the class average was a F but her parents still didn’t think it is enough. Instead they thought that their kid is really bad and not hard-working. When she was at school, her teacher treats her in the same way as her parents. Because of a simple reason, they are Asian!!

It’s not the racism!! If you scored well on the exams but you didn’t actually learn anything. Then people might say “hey, you are so Asian.” It’s not wrong. Actually, it’s totally right according to Tina’s own experience. Asians always measure their kids by looking at their grades. Every time Tina goes to school her classmates don’t care if she came or not because if Tina was absent they don’t care because they will lose one competitor on their test competition so they can have a better chances to get higher grade. Their teachers and their parents will be happy.

There’s another example that shows us Tina’s parents see Tina’s grades very seriously. One time Tina was sick and she got a really serious fever. However, her parents didn’t care and said “Come on, Tina, you can go to school and go take the test. Don’t ever be absent from class or you will miss what the teacher teaches today!!” and then they yelled at Tina. As I said, Tina is a really good student and good daughter so she went to school just like her parents told her but she was really sick and finally she passed out and the teacher didn’t care about her. Her classmates were all taking a test and if they helped her they might get a bad grade. Also the teacher doesn’t like Tina because last time she didn’t pass the test. So Tina lay on the ground for 8 hours and when the principle saw her and called the ambulance Tina stopped breathing and passed away. When her parents went to...
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