Local Related Literature

Topics: Hamburger, Beef, Fast food restaurant Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Lopez 1978 conducted a study on a restaurants in baguio city and found out that: 1. Restaurants are largely sole proprietorships in organization, they are mostly owned by Filipinos, although many others are owned by Chinese and Americans; 2. Most restaurant personnel are male, single and predominantly high school graduates; 3. In terms of available facil;ities and practices, the following are found: a) on service facilities, entrance and exits are properly situated, good furniture and fixtures, parking space available, good lighting and ventilation; b0 on control of operations, promotion of the restaurant business was primarily through tie-ups with travel agencies, while advertising through radio was utilized only by some establishments. The mission of hotel and restaurant education school is to educate future workers and leaders of the industry; however, there is a prevailing apptrehension that teachers will become too academic in their approach and lose contact with reality. Thus, there is a need for schools to select faculty, students and curricula that produce “reflective practitioners” and not scholars clark 1989. Some define fast food restaurants as limited mean restaurants that do not have table service(eherts and gisler, 1989). Most fast food restaurants are parts of large well known chains. There are also small chains of just a few restaurants as well as single unit operation. Naturally, fast food restaurant, as their name implies, serve food much faster. These restaurants often boast of getting food to their customers in less than a minute after an order is taken. They also have fewer choices of mean items, furthermore, fast food restaurants, the hamburger has has remained king. There are more hamburger chains compared to any other category of fast food chains such as those that specialize in chicken, seafood, roast beef sandwiches, Mexican food, Chinese food, pizza, spaghetti and dozens more.
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