Local Pizza Hut Restaurant Is Finding Difficult to Attract Customer Due to Poor Image. What Strategies of Attitudinal Change Will You Adopt / Suggest – Just by Perceptual Mapping

Topics: Pizza Hut, Pizza, Customer service Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: October 23, 2011
Local pizza hut restaurant is finding difficult to attract customer due to poor image. What strategies of attitudinal change will you adopt / suggest – just by perceptual mapping.

Problems with pizza hut restaurant
Customers are not getting the full value of their money. The brand utility of pizza hut becomes weak. The quality and variety of pizza provide by dominos is better than pizza hut. So customers are moving toward dominos. Also price is another factor. Prices of pizza in local pizza restaurants are low compare to pizza hut. So to change this attitude regarding pizza hut can use utilitarian function. Here the customer should aware about the different variety of pizza that is available in restaurant and also taste of pizza is also Delious . If customers are aware about this then it can help to increase the image the restaurant. Pizza hut should improve its service quality. Because in a restaurant if customer will get quality service then they would like to visit again that place. The behavior of waiter should be polite with customer and also the waiting time of ordering pizza and service pizza should be minimal. People always visit pizza restaurant not only to eat pizza but they want to spend some time there. They always come here with their family, friends. Most of their customers are teenager and youth especially school and college going students also early job holder. So they like to spend enjoying moment in pizza hut. Because pizza in India also one of the synonyms of enjoyment. A better service leads to increase positive words of mouth.
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