Local Park

Topics: Childhood, Boy, Girl Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Local Park Description
Luminous rays of sunshine filled the air, compelling children to open the gates and enter the colourful park. Walking towards the park, a little girl dragged her laden down mother across the grass. Unable to contain her excitement, the little girl abandoned her drained mother, sprinting towards the gates as quickly as silver.

Towering above, the climbing frame looked like a mountain against the sea of small children. The brightly coloured frame attracted a young boy to attempt the impossible challenge of reaching the top. Perched on the edge of a bench, a woman anxiously watched the boy scrambling up the climbing frame, step by step, desperately hoping that the boy reaches the top unharmed.

Sitting on the freshly mown grass, a family of four settled down to enjoy a relaxing picnic. Tantalizing wafts of delicious scents pour out from the basket, forcing the little boy too grab as much food as possible. Whilst a little girl guzzled down a sandwich faster than a runaway train, she hoped that her mother let her go back to the park. Tugging on her mother’s coat, she waited impatiently for permission to join her friends on the swings.

Passing by, an old man paused; grimacing at the youthful beings around. Clad in a huge overcoat, heavy black boots and a scarf wrapped round his weathered neck, the grey individual turns and continues his path home, with memories of his youth reignited by the concoction of ear-splitting screams.

Emerging from behind the gates, a vibrant van travels closer and closer towards the park, attracting a swarm of red faced toddlers, chanting “We want ice cream! We want ice cream!” Adding to the cacophony of sounds, the music grew louder, mixing with a toddler’s screaming and roaring from a football match, each sound clashing horribly with the next, making it almost deafening to those around.

Dark clouds gather and rain begins to fall on the park, forcing parents to pack up and leave, collecting their...
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